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Brushes for The Gimp
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This is a community exclusively for Gimp brushes since there is a serious dearth of them. Image packs are welcome.

1.No pimping/spamming other communties(or programs) without mods permission.
2.There HAS to be a brush set/image pack somewhere in your post
3.Only one preview image
4.Preview images must be less that 400px
5.Subject lines of entries must give some sort of description of what your brush set is like

From the Mod
It would be nice if you included your username somewhere in the post so that people can remeber who to credit. It would also be prefferable if you dont host your brush files on YouSendIt or other hosts that expire in a certain number of days.

Gimp Brush related websites:

The Deviantart GIMP Brush Website

Make a simple brush

Other Gimp Communities
gimp_resource : A community for brushes, gradients and tutorials specifically for The Gimp.

Know of anymore Gimp brush related websites? Have a tutorial to contribute? Do let me know!

Your mod : geetanjali